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The Area 51 Story

Area 51 founders Lonnie Mimms and Micheal Pardue, both executives with Mimms Enterprises, Inc., and Wendy Floyd of the Malon D. Mimms Company are all self-avowed pop culture fanatics who share an appreciation for high technology, video games, 60’s sci-fi movies and the showmanship of Walt Disney and P.T. Barnum. They also share a passion for Roswell, the city in which they all live, work and are raising their families. The name “Area 51” is an obvious nod to the Area 51 in Nevada and an extraterrestrial link to another Roswell (in New Mexico) – not to mention a great match to the street location at 5100 Commerce Parkway where the trio has created Aurora Cineplex and The Fringe miniature golf.

Out of this world family fun
Much as Roswell, Ga.-based Mimms Enterprises, Inc. and the Malon D. Mimms Company have garnered a well-earned reputation as good corporate citizens and champions of family values, Mimms, Pardue and Floyd have sought to incorporate these values into their venture – a project that has received the blessing – and backing – of Malon Mimms and the Malon D. Mimms Company. Aurora Cineplex and The Fringe miniature golf represent an investment in – and continued commitment to – the Roswell community.

Unlike its predecessors, Aurora Cineplex and The Fringe will not be run “by proxy.” The involvement of the founders and a hand-picked management team mark a welcome return to a “family-run” business structure.

From the décor to the activities to the employees who bring it all to life, Aurora Cineplex and The Fringe miniature golf are planned to be a place where kids can act like kids, adults can find their “inner child” and where people can smile again.
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